Dental emergencies can happen at any moment and during the most unexpected times. They usually result in severe pain and may even render you unable to perform your day-to-day tasks. When you have a dental emergency, you need a caring and compassionate professional to ease your discomfort and protect your oral health. At North Texas Family Dental, we are committed to providing dental care as promptly as possible so you can recover and get back to your normal life.

Whether you suffered an accident and broke your tooth or are you’re suffering from a tooth infection, our gentle team is always available to lend a helping hand and get you out of your uncomfortable situation. We understand that speedy intervention is crucial in preventing further complications. Our practice uses advanced technologies to promote efficiency in our treatments. If you find yourself in a dental emergency in Sanger, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.


Dental emergencies can manifest in various forms. However, not all dental issues are emergencies. Usually, dental emergencies require immediate intervention to minimize pain or address the trauma that may result in gum injury, bleeding gums, or dislodged teeth. Below are common dental emergencies to help you know when to seek emergency dentistry.

  1. A broken or cracked tooth
  2. A knocked-out tooth
  3. Dislodged or loose teeth
  4. Intense toothache
  5. Jaw pain
  6. Painful or bleeding gums
  7. Gum abscess
  8. Damaged or lost restorations

You need to seek immediate treatment if you experience any of the above issues. Doing so increases your chances of preserving your natural smile and minimizing recovery times. Regardless of the cause of your emergency, our staff will treat you with the utmost compassion and respect.


Dental emergencies can happen to anyone at any time. At North Texas Family Dental, we do our best to ensure we attend to you when you contact us for help. We focus our emergency dental care on restoring your oral health and putting you on the fastest path to recovery.

When you visit our practice for emergency dental care, our staff will treat you with the urgency you need. We can also extend our working hours for true emergencies, so you don’t have to wait long before getting dental care. In-person meetings allow our team to assess your situation and establish the severity of your emergency.

If your emergency occurs on a Saturday, you can leave us a voice message, and our team will return your call as soon as possible and ensure you are seen. You also have the option of texting, sending a picture, and FaceTime to give us the scope of your emergency. Our team will provide instructions to help you manage the situation as you wait for the dentist to see you.


Our practice offers a variety of emergency dentistry services to ensure we attend to the diverse needs of our patients. Below are some of our emergency dentistry procedures you can expect when at our practice.

Root Canal Therapy: When a tooth infection gets to the pulp consisting of nerves, tissues, and blood vessels, it can cause immense pain. Our root canal therapy can eliminate the infection, and save your natural tooth structure, thus preserving your tooth. During the procedure, our dentist will remove the pulp, clean and disinfect the root chamber, and seal the tooth. Once you heal, you will get a dental crown to cover, protect, and restore your tooth.

Tooth Extractions: Our goal is to save as much of your natural tooth structure as possible. However, we also offer tooth extractions for severely damaged teeth whenever necessary, including wisdom teeth. Tooth extractions not only relieve pain but also eliminate the root cause of your problems.

Crowns & Bridges: If you lose or damage your dental crown or bridge, we offer replacement restorations to restore your smile. We also recommend dental crowns and bridges when you suffer an avulsed tooth or undergo a tooth extraction. Dental crowns replace a single tooth, while bridges can replace up to three missing teeth in a row. Our restorations are tooth-colored and highly durable to give you a long-lasting, natural-looking smile.


At North Texas Family Dental, our team has the skills and expertise to act swiftly in the face of dental emergencies. Whether you are struggling with jaw pain or bleeding gums, we do everything possible to get you back to a comfortable and pain-free life. If you require emergency dentistry in Sanger, you can trust us to respond promptly and give you gentle and compassionate treatment. Don’t hesitate to contact us for reliable emergency dental care!

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Mdsark SarkMdsark Sark
12:56 19 Sep 22
Greeted with a welcoming smile from the most caring staff! Dr Khan is amazing! Has gentle hands and a huge heart! So thankful to have found this dentist office.
Steve GarnerSteve Garner
22:56 13 Sep 22
My wife and I drive from Sherman Texas to visit this office because we love the Hygienist Cassie. She has cleaned both our teeth for 15 years. Today I had a crown done. Best dental experience ever. Zero pain. Awesome communication from Dentist and the staff is very friendly. We will continue making the 50 mile trip to do business here.
Whitney LaymanceWhitney Laymance
01:38 12 Aug 22
Dr. Kahn was amazing, he was really kind to me and did amazing managing my anxiety and making sure that I finally get everything taken care of. I was in some immense pain from a previous dentist not doing the work properly. So I am super thankful and grateful I finally found an amazing dentist. He even called to check on me after my procedure it is a great office
Christian ConnerChristian Conner
00:34 22 Jun 22
This is the best experience I have ever had. They took their time, explained, and made me feel like my time was important. They are very reasonable with their prices. The office dog, IS THE BEST! If you need a good, trustworthy dentist who will listen and HELP! This is your place.

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